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Message From Our Founder:

Welcome to ABA Comprehensive

Proudly Serving Families in El Paso, Texas.

ABA Comprehensive provides ABA Therapy Services for children and adolescents diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Locally owned and operated. We are honored to serve the El Paso community.

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Comprehensive Treatment

Designed for learners with significant deficits in multiple areas such as social, safety, language and cognitive delays.

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Focused Treatment

A focused treatment model is typically appropriate to increase social skills, conversation skills, increasing independence, and engaging collaboratively with peers, based on your child's needs.

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Parent / Caregiver Support

We recognize that caregivers need support as well. All of our treatment plans include a focus on supporting and coaching caregivers to develop skills and tools to reduce and replace challenging behaviors.

Personal & Targeted Approach

Our job is not simply to fix problems – it is to give children the tools to fix the problems themselves.

Individualized Care

Years of expertise in teaching language and social skills is not enough. It needs to be met with a humility to understand that each child is unique and requires an individualized, trauma-free ABA program to succeed.

Family Support

A vital component to our model is empowering parents with the tools to help their children gain independence, communicate their wants and needs, and navigate the complex social world.

Dedicated Team

We are staffed with a compassionate group of individuals devoted to producing optimal outcomes for children with autism and their families.

Meaningful Goals

Services are only meaningful if they significantly improve the lives of those we serve.

Teaching Skills For The Present & Future

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